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Cosmetic Dentisry

Cosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever before, and for good reason. Today's cosmetic dentistry techniques yield impressive, long-lasting results.


How does professional teeth whitening work? Is it safe?
Physician-supervised teeth whitening systems such as Zoom!® and BriteSmile® are widely considered to provide the safest cosmetic dentistry treatments. Teeth whitening is a conservative method for completely making over your smile. 


Chairside teeth whitening procedures are performed with a specially formulated peroxide gel that allows oxygen to permeate your tooth enamel, lifting stains. The structure of your tooth enamel is not affected. The most common side effect is temporary tooth sensitivity. 


Do you offer tooth-colored fillings? Can they replace my old metal fillings?
The placement of tooth-colored composite fillings is one of the most commonly performed general dentistry procedures at Victory Dental Practice. In addition to filling new cavities, these beautiful restorations can replace old metal fillings that have blackened, fractured, popped out, or that simply take away from the beauty of your smile.


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